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EC.top birthday festival — by Anetta at 27.01.24 13:40:43

Ernstchan.top will celebrate its first birthday on Feb 17. We will try to set up a little party, come join us if you are interested. See the threads on /int/ and /b/ for details.

Radio Ernstiwan Birthday Festival — by Anetta at 20.08.23 20:29:39

Upcoming 1.9.-3.9., see the threads on /int/ and /b/ for details.

ToDo — by Anetta at 22.04.23 15:26:26


- let the choose file-button add another file selector without any extra clicks
- update to better geolocation service


- prevent caching of pages despite already implemented no-cache/must-reavalidate directives
- stay in thread after post instead of getting redirected to board index
- adjust time for /b/ to germtime (actually local time, might be bad for proxy/tor users)
- countryballs for unknown and mod
- mysteriously disappeared: some people reported having media files like mp3 or mp4 rejected, despite most seem to work fine
- (non-animated) webp
- page number shown in catalog
- Systemkontra (experimental)
- expand text instead of go to thread on click on "read more"
- fix broken post format tags for bold, italics, strike and so on, and add post formatting hints to FAQ page
- Catalog sometimes isn't updated or shows wrong information
- eisfee
- adjust stylesheet to Ernst
- cross board links don't work
- thread backlinks / auto thread updater
- show Kontra in Posts - Dollchan shows it, but without it's just empty
- "hide thread"-button
- FINALLY: radio stream integration
- fix thread layout so that title is always above the images
- countryballs are more like countryeggs
- only Dollchan users can post more than one file
- have original file names instead of unix timestamps
- "slightly" overzealous spam filter
- add .top domain to radio certificate
- staff posts: how do they work?

Here we go — by Anetta at 13.02.23 18:22:04

Exactly what the world needed most - another barely populated imageboard!

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